Peach and Gray Watercolor Background Ins
Peach and Gray Watercolor Background Ins
Literary agent
Lover of kidlit
Fan of all things Brendan Fraser
Bar trivia champion
Meghan Markle understudy

Emily Forney is a literary agent for BookEnds Literary, a digital media and rhetoric teacher, cultural critic, and a writer for what feels like an eternity.

She currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona at the mercy of two cats and a dream of owning a goat farm one day.

After earning her MFA in Creative Writing from Northern Arizona University, Emily worked in editorial roles for literary magazines, journals, and digital prints before finding her home at BookEnds. She was a 2020 Publishing Fellow with the LA Review of Books and is currently on the Young Feminist Leaders Council for Feminist Press. She actively writes about identity, Blackness, and pop culture. She has writing with Bitch Media discussing YA romances, "Sex Re-Education: Netflix Offers a New Spin on Teen Virginity," and has also questioned "What It Means To Be ‘The Acceptable Black Woman’ In Pop Culture."


When she isn't reading submissions, working with her authors, or procrastinating her own writing, she's usually binge watching an unhealthy amount of television and stress baking when deadlines are near. 

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Need Help Finding Why You Are Here?

Well, hi there. 

Odds are, you've come here to check out who I am because you are either an editor, author, or maybe my future best friend and you need material on me so you can bump into me at a coffee shop and say, "Oh my gosh you are obsessed with Parks and Rec and Henry Cavill, too?! I had no idea!" 

Honestly, no matter what the reason is, you'll find quite a bit of insight on me here.

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