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About Me
Peach and Gray Watercolor Background Ins
Peach and Gray Watercolor Background Ins
Literary agent
Fan of all things Brendan Fraser
Bar trivia champion
Meghan Markle understudy

Emily Forney is a literary agent for BookEnds Literary, a digital media and rhetoric teacher, cultural critic, and a writer for what feels like an eternity.

After earning her MFA in Creative Writing from Northern Arizona University, Emily worked in editorial roles for literary magazines, journals, and digital prints before finding her home at BookEnds. She was named a 2022 Publisher's Weekly Star Watch honoree and was previously a Publishing Fellow with the LA Review of Books. She currently directs the BookEnds Publishing Fellowship, which mentors aspiring publishing professionals from marginalized communities and provides them with hands on education, resources, and workshops for roles throughout the industry. As a writer and former editor, she actively writes about identity, Blackness, and pop culture.


When she isn't reading submissions, working with her authors, or procrastinating her own writing, she's usually binge watching an unhealthy amount of television and stress baking when deadlines are near. 

Need Help Finding Why You Are Here?

Well, hi there. 

If you are an author and are looking to find out what I'm into at the moment, click on my "Manuscript Wishlist" page for an updated list!

If you want to see my clients and the work we have published, check out my "Authors and Books" page.

If you are looking to find out how to submit to me, email me, or find me on social media, click on the "Contact" page.

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