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Brunella Costaglio

​Brunella was born and raised in Bacoli, a small coastal town in southern Italy, where the Roman emperors built their marble-floored villas and mosaic-decorated baths, and spent their days admiring the Mediterranean Sea, which glittered with warm rays of sunshine. Her childhood playground was made of what was left of the Roman temples of Diana, Venus, and Apollo, as well as the cave of the Sybil, the high priestess in charge of the Apollonian oracle and guide to the underworld, whose entrance could be found in a nearby lake. As she played, the ruins whispered stories of great military warriors and ancient roman prophecies, and the Sybil sang me the fates of Aeneas. Their voices echoed into her soul, sealing in her the belief that verba volant, scripta manent, Latin for “Spoken words fly away, written words remain.” This Roman proverb is the reason why she became a ghostwriter and an author: She wants to write stories so they will never be lost in history amnesia.  


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