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Kimberly Lee

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Growing up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kimberly Lee’s earliest memory involved her scribbling all over the walls of her childhood home. She has come a long way in her writing career since then. 

Kimberly is a lawyer, turned Managing Editor of, a Malaysian-based parenting website, and the co-author of “WHAT IF?” (September 2021), a picture book published as part of a campaign against child abuse in her home country. She is also a merit award winner of the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award for Young Malaysians and a recipient of the Children’s Book Academy’s Yuyi Morales Scholarship and the SCBWI BIPOC Scholarship in 2021. Aside from writing (and being a lovingly harassed mom to her two wilding boys), she sings, stress bakes, and covertly consumes her own baked goods with reckless abandon. 


Upcoming Books:

TBA Untitled Picture Book slated for Winter 2024 from FSG Macmillan

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