Guess Who's Back? It's Me.

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Cue Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten.”

I’ve gathered you all here today to celebrate my rebirth into the digital sphere. Yes, that’s right, I have returned to blogging, and like a Phoenix, I have come from the ashes of my past life mistakes and crippling social anxiety to bring to you, Emily’s Blog 2.0.

You might be asking yourself, “Hey, Em, what gives? You already had a super cool blog with loads of content you spent hours on.”

Well lil buddy, I certainly did, but here’s the thing, that writer can’t come to the phone right now because she’s dead. Well, like metaphorically and maybe spiritually dead. Creatively, bitterly, and bodily, I am very much alive. But, I have come to the conclusion that the person who wrote for the other blog is just not an extension of current day me, and it was quite exhausting maintaining her level of mediocrity. So, now, welcome to my new unfiltered, probably nonsensical writing space.

My mom and the free horoscope app on my phone have warned me that I am entering into a very transitional phase of adulthood, and should create platforms that reflect those changes. I was hoping that meant I wouldn’t eat grilled cheese for every meal after spending all my money on clothing and overpriced pillows from the World Market, but I guess that will come at a later phase. Right now, the transitions they (mom and good ol’ Aquarius moon risings) are referring to are probably those within my professional and social spheres. I’ll talk about those changes another time, I can’t give everything up on the first post, even if I do traditionally like to unpack all of my emotional baggage and daddy issues on a first date. But I have more respect and concern for your well-being and comfort levels than I do for the shit garbage men I go to Yogurtology with. It’s a problem, I know. But I like to use their purchases towards my reward card, so really, who is the real master of their problems here?

Anyway, here’s a little heads up that this blog will be different from the other. So, you can exit now if you’d like, but just know your opinions are then wrong and your judgment trash.

Each week (hopefully) I will write about what I’m reading (because as a writer and editor that’s sort of obligatory and a form of self-care), criticize the pop culture I greedily consume, and outline all the times in which I actually leave my bedroom. So, you will still get to see travel posts and I will continue to link my favorite things for those of who just using me for my awesome taste in material objects and movies. But I also want to use this space to analyze and try to independently digest the news, trends in YA publishing, and explore identity more than I gave myself room for in the past. I will also keep you all updated on my writing, you know the creative and intellectual writing that somehow got me into college, and will give tips and insight into what it’s like to write a YA novel and a fantasy series on the strictest deadline that I absolutely do not adhere to.

For your pleasure, here is a list of things I am currently obsessing over and now you can feel a sense of false intimacy through the computer screen that will further connect us in theory alone, but will one day maybe be useful if I ever get my own fandom that gets the privilege of fighting with youngins about “knowing me before I sold out.” Here’s to you all!

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