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Danielle Baranda

Danielle grew up in a small town two hours away from Manila before leaving for the city at sixteen to pursue her dreams of becoming a writer and lawyer. She attended the University of Santo Tomas’ journalism program and has since earned bylines in publications like The Manila Bulletin’s mblife, The Mary Sue, and Popverse. As a journalist, she writes about pop culture, politics, and general brain rot over books, movies, and TV. As an author, she focuses on the YA/NA genre and enjoys stories that tackle grief’s various faces, family dynamics, friendships, and characters who don’t always get what they want (but get what they need). 
When she isn’t writing, Danielle is most likely battling it out in law school and catching up on her case law or shooting scenery on her film camera. She is also a mother to a sassy cat named Vito. 


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