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As I Write . . . An Introduction

For a while now--and I mean well before blogging was a title on Instagram and in the throes of Tumblr fan fiction writing--I've been compiling writing advice, craft resources, and story templates for who knows what. Maybe for my own writing. Maybe to procrastinate my own writing. Maybe a little bit for the 45 people who followed me and would occasionally repost my listicles of weather patterns throughout the world in the 17th century and my outlining of what sorts of swords and knives can cut through bone. Now, with all of this stored information on how to build unique economies in medieval inspired stories, I figured it was time to project it into a decent place.

So, on that note, welcome to the "As I Write" blog series!

Every Tuesday, there will be a new theme of resources for writers. Posts will range from topics like "As I Write . . . World Building" and "As I Write . . . Battle Scenes" to "As I Write . . . Surviving in the Woods" and "As I Write . . . Sex in YA." Everything I post will come from vetted sources, credited sources, and a whole lot of my own subjective advice, so it's really just one of many places to get insight on writing, but I'm hoping to make it accessible, humorous, and easy to refer back to.

If you have any topics you'd love to see covered, tell me in the comments below!

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