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Teresa Hsu

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Teresa refused to learn English when she immigrated from Taiwan to America. So, her mother offered a deal: less chores if she demonstrated progress in English comprehension. Taking the deal, Teresa learned English by writing short stories. In high school, failing to frame a stronger argument to negotiate better grades, she read vampire books in the back of detention class. She got her first taste of the power of creating order with imagination. At Bryn Mawr College, an all-women's college filled with gothic architecture, she romanticized her major in Political Science and East Asian studies. She reframed it as apprenticing how to keep the peace amongst ancient Chinese warring tribes. Years later, marrying her former boss was the final steamy tale she needed to begin turning her short stories into full happily ever after. Teresa has no passions outside of writing because she doesn't want to risk having to go back to doing chores.

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